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Alright, so, I got the shiniest ficbit EVER from [ profile] tsukikoushi in her ficbit thing, and I really need to get off my ass and write, so I will do this as well. I am totally cribbing off her format for the explanation of it, cos I'm lazy.

You leave a comment on this entry requesting a fandom, or a pairing, or a situation, or any combination thereof. Doesn't matter how you came across this entry--leave a comment, I will write you a ficbit on or vaguely around your premise and reply to your comment with it. It might be 100 words, or it might be a 1000. on it being closer to a drabble. Hey, I own up to my inability to produce. I reserve the right to fulfill your request however I feel like: porn, drama, comedy, bad verse, stupid parody, puppet shows, etc.

If you ask for something I can't do (I don't know the source; I'm don't know the source well enough; your request is too crack-addled for me to cope (yes, this DOES happen occasionally. ...occasionally.)) then I'll tell you and you can request a different ficbit.

I've got a little bit of background in a lot of different media. Anime, I can do Trigun, Blue Seed, the first half of FMA and I can probably fake it for Cowboy Bebop. And you know what? If you want, I can do Adult Swim's crack-addled original stuff--Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab 2021 mostly. I just can't guarantee it'll be as crack-addled as the shows themselves.

American Comics: Well, I'm familiar with Ultimate X-men though not the most recent stuff, and the early Ult. Spidey, and the first Ult. FF trade and then I'm passingly familiar with most of the DCU. I may create an unholy blend of toon and comics, but if it's not *too* obscure I can probably fake it. I'm most familiar with the current runs of Teen Titans, Outsiders, and Green Arrow. I'm not so much with the Indie stuff, alas. American Toons: I am good for Static Shock, JL, and I might be able to fake JLU. Also, classic Warner Brothers of course. Probably other stuff I can't remember right now.

I read a *lot*--mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy. Also various "Young Adult" books--you know, The Giver, Gathering Blue, Speak, Animorphs... the good stuff with, like, depth and character development and plot. So, yeah, I might well have you covered.

Also, I'm good for a decent amount of TV. Stargate SG-1 (but no Atlantis), Angel, Buffy,
L&O: SVU, Firefly, CSI: the Original, the original Battlestar Galactica, and undoubtedly others. Movies? I can do that too. Especially if it's vaguely Science Fiction or Fantasy, but also things like Hornblower, and Clerks, and Hero, and yeah. You just might be covered.

I won't do RPF, though. It makes me twitch.

If I've mentioned it in passing on my LJ, or my site when I had it, or in conversation, or in a comment, I can probably write for it. And don't be shy about asking--I love writing utterly obscure shit, so go ahead and make the request. Worst comes to worst, I can't and you get to request a different ficbit.

Also, hell, if you like you can request something that's NOT fannish. Give me a situation and I will write origfic based off it.
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The DCU drabble I wrote for [ profile] notpoetry can be found here.

As you can see I actually am working my way through the requests. :D

Last Rune drabble for Stacey. It's not, er, very happy. )


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