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I was digging through old chatlogs looking something completely unrelated and came across some extremely cracky House chatfic that Juls and I perpetrated. I ended up distracting myself for a little bit with cleaning it up to post.

House crackfic; somehow, we managed worse than wingfic. Rated JULIENNE-CUT TREEROOTS. )
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A few things about this. One, it can be blamed entirely on [ profile] jmtorres who encouraged me along and wrote 70% of the really good lines and deserves co-author credit. Two, the title is entirely because I couldn't think of anything creative and appropriate. Three, despite the name, it is not slash. ...don't ask me how that works, I'm just the fingers.

The One In Which House Marries Wilson (Or Possibly Doesn't).
House, MD. PG-13.
"...isn't that bigamy? Or bigandry? Or... some thing?"

The One In Which House Marries Wilson (Or Possibly Doesn't). )
niq: (Default) may all die of shock now. I have not only produced a fic of some length in the last week, I just wrote something else. It's not much of a fic--a character piece, no plot. But, you know, it's still massively more than I usually produce.

The Pathology of Least Resistance
House, MD. PG.
"Most days, Chase likes everybody."

The Pathology of Least Resistance )
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It started off as comment porn to cheer up [ profile] shrift. It insisted on being finished, and flat refused on ever turning into porn or anything more than a really ambiguous friendship. This is just sad, people. On the upside, I wrote something 1000+ words in length. Marvel with me~!

House, MD. PG-13.
"You know, at least half of my nursing staff thinks we're sleeping together."

Comfort )


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