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In Between The Spaces
Pirates of the Carribean. R.
"And so, she spends her time with Sparrow, and knows that her husband keeps a watchful eye on her. He is, at least, forgiving of this fault of hers, this fascination with pirates and chaos that lingers even now, even as her belly swells and the responsibilities that will come when the girl is born."

Notes: Yeah, so, some of you may recognise this from the 2005 3 Ships Christmas Secret Santa fanfiction exchange. I didn't sign up for 3 Ships, [ profile] saeva did. She asked if I could write something on her behalf because she was busy with the eight billion other things she'd signed up for and didn't have her fic in shape and really didn't want to default on it. Obviously, I agreed and that is why it is credited to her over at the 3 Ships archive.

The request I filled was for a Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann/James Norrington threesome about 'The similarities and differences between the two men.' It went AU because it was the only way my brain could make that threesome work.

In Between The Spaces. )
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Look, more yulefic. I even have 2/10 of a third one written. At this rate, who knows, I might make it in by Christmas.

...don't hold your breath, please. I was being sardonic.

This is weird and the title probably makes no sense to anyone but me, but I like it all. I hope [ profile] carmarthen likes it too.

Wish--Midsummer Night's Mare )

PotC fic

Aug. 14th, 2003 02:36 pm
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I'm working on an expansion of that halfdrabble, 'Sparrow'. As yet unnamed, and this probably won't end up in the end result, but I'm procrastinating on writing my original short story, so.

here there be PotC fic )

And now that I have posted this, I am going to go reboot this sytem because the redraw rate has gone to hell. Stupid Windows '95 memory leaks.


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