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Was Blind, but Now I See
Doctor Who (Ninth Doctor). Spoilers through The Parting of the Ways. PG-13.
"She burns bright with possibilities. All that was, all that is, all that ever could be."

She burns bright with possibilities. All that was, all that is, all that ever could be. She does not comprehend the totality, because she does not need to. She is the totality.

She is all.

She is the scared little mouse, and the nasty killing machine, the damp little isle that says 'not here', and the big. bad. wolf.

She can feel the turn of the satellite, every atom spinning to create gravity, she can feel them hurtling through space.

That's her.

The Bad Wolf.

The little lamb is right. It's killing her, the flesh, the weak form she wore. But it will not be death. Time itself cannot be killed or destroyed or wasted.

This possibility...

She screams as she burns, too many possibilities to hold onto, slipping away like fish in her hands, as her hands and feet and guts and bones burn away and then she is nothing at all, outside of time, nothing inside and out.

This possibility...

She screams she dies, as ambrosia turns to ash and godhead vanishes, and she only wishes for one more second, one more moment, one last taste of possibility.

This possibility...

She screams as her flesh crumbles to dust, as she melts into time, as she becomes a part of the TARDIS, every TARDIS, as she is the flow of time, the eddy and the swirl.

This possibility...

She screams as every last atom pulls apart, as every last atom comes back together, as she is reborn and two hearts begin to beat.

This possibility...

She screams as it is ripped from her, as the spin is stopped and the hurtle stilled, as half her senses are blinded, as her mind closes itself off from time.
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