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2008-03-12 03:54 am
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the yellow rose of beta

Well, I still haven't gotten my head back to a Torchwood place, but Vorkosigan I managed just fine. When I do get my head *to* a TW place, [ profile] njordsifusansoo, I'll get yours written. :)

ficbit written for tamtrible's prompt 'Bel Thorne, and roses' )
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2007-08-04 02:56 am
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[fic] Myths

Because I haven't posted fic in awhile and I don't know when I will manage to finish any of the many, many WIPs, I am posting what I have on this.

The Santa Clause
Content some readers may find disturbing. Um. This is all [ profile] jmtorres's fault. Rated SPARKLE DREAM.
Bernard doesn't have a time machine so he gets to suffer through wet dreams and mood swings and the possibility of losing the best Santa they've ever had and, you know, his home, his friends, and his entire existence. And then Toy Santa tosses him in the brig, as it were.

Myths )

[ profile] jmtorres, I'd get on AIM and chatter at you about Blackpool but my internet is being completely retarded, so. We'll just go with 'hm. David Tennant is sex.' :D
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2007-04-28 07:28 am
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[fic] Five Things Don and Charlie Never Talk About

Content some readers may find to be disturbing. Exactly what the title says, only extremely unbetaed as I wrote this instead of, you know, sleeping. Rated CITRIC ACID REACTION.
Charlie is tanned and lithe and almost painfully thin, muscle stretched over a frame suddenly too large.

Five Things Don and Charlie Never Talk About )
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2007-04-09 09:19 pm
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[fic] Sinew and Bone

I needed a break from the demonverse fic, the boys needed a break from *life*. Sam gives Dean a backrub. Fair warning, though, there's still content some readers may find to be incest.
Sam rolls his eyes and smacks Dean on the head. "Call us even, 'cause, man, I'm pretty disturbed that you feel the need to hide the fact that your shoulder is fucked up from me."

Sinew and Bone )
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2007-02-20 01:31 am
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[fic] Studio 60: Myocarditis

Studio 60
Sequel to Foot and Mouth Disease. The morning after Matt's drunken implosion. Set after The Christmas Show (which is as far as I have seen.)
"'I mean it,' Danny says. 'I love you. You've stood by me. You saw me through rehab and I know that wasn't my finest hour. You've been with me through everything and I couldn't do this without you. So don't beat yourself up, okay?'"

Myocarditis )
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2006-12-29 02:19 am
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[fic] Studio 60: Foot and Mouth Disease

Studio 60
Matt has a spectacular failure to cope when his subconcious decides to catch him up on the last decade and a half. Set after The Christmas Show.
"'Matt, have you hit your head at any point tonight? Do I need to call you an ambulance?'"

Foot and Mouth Disease )
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2006-10-05 12:18 pm
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mm, sweet cracky goodness

I was digging through old chatlogs looking something completely unrelated and came across some extremely cracky House chatfic that Juls and I perpetrated. I ended up distracting myself for a little bit with cleaning it up to post.

House crackfic; somehow, we managed worse than wingfic. Rated JULIENNE-CUT TREEROOTS. )
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2006-09-26 01:22 am
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[fic] Stargate: SG-1 - Easter, 1916.

Stargate: SG-1
Teal'c. Vague spoilers through something like late S9. The title is taken from the Yeats poem of the same name. Blame and heartfelt thanks to [ profile] synecdochic.
" bright as Bra'tac's eyes would burn as he trained Teal'c and spoken of the falsity of all the Goa'uld and how the Jaffa might strike someday, they'd been a bare ember compared to those two Tau'ri."

Easter, 1916. )
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2006-09-05 02:06 pm
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[fic] Stargate: SG-1 - Half Underwater

Stargate: SG-1
1) Ow, jesusfuck, ow. The ending of this story? Drove *me* to drink. So--fair warning. 2. Thank you to [ profile] synecdochic for listening to me babble about mini!Jack and for midwifing this story. 3) The title comes from the Dresden Doll's song, Half Jack, which is owned by the mini!Jack who lives in my head as his theme song. Great band, great song, one of these days I will get around to vidding it. PG-13.
"He doesn't have anywhere else to be."

Half Underwater )
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2006-08-02 09:43 pm
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[fic] CSI: NY - And Now, For My Next Trick

CSI: New York
Post-S1 Finale. I finally got around to catching up the rest of the way on season 1. Danny has lots of issues; in fact, he has a subscription, they come twice a month in the mail. For the [ profile] fanfic100 prompt Family. PG-13.
"It's like he doesn't know what affection is, no strings attached and no reason for it other than a friend caring."

And Now, For My Next Trick )
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2006-06-14 05:46 pm
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[personal profile] jmtorres, you can rest easy knowing that I am just as cracked on my own, apparently

So, uh, I was talking to [ profile] siriaeve. And SGA came up. As did young!Hewlett and his cheekbones. And then the crack fairy came and dusted us, or at least me, with hashish or possibly acid.

And that's how I ended up this vague, rough outline for a story. )
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2006-05-31 10:34 pm
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[fic] CSI: NY - Interval Harmony

CSI: New York
Set post-S2 Finale. Un-betaed cos no one I know plays in this fandom and I didn't feel like introducing myself to the people I do know play in it by saying 'Hi, wanna beta my fic?'. Probably, god help me, going to be a series. PG-13.
"Danny nods and grins. He knows what a goofball it makes him look like but he can't help it because Mac, Mac freaking Taylor, has just had a genuine Sharing Moment with him."

Interval Harmony )
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2006-05-25 03:40 am
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[fic] Doctor Who: The Sum of Its Parts

Doctor Who (Ninth/Tenth Doctor).
For [ profile] jmtorres. Spoilers through The Parting of the Ways. PG?
"The parts of her whole, the TARDIS, Rose, cannot, will not stop surviving, stop persisting in the face of all reason, all cost."

The Sum of Its Parts )
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2006-04-03 02:03 am
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[fic] Doctor Who: Was Blind, but Now I See

Was Blind, but Now I See
Doctor Who (Ninth Doctor). Spoilers through The Parting of the Ways. PG-13.
"She burns bright with possibilities. All that was, all that is, all that ever could be."

Was Blind, but Now I See )
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2006-02-05 12:49 am
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In Between The Spaces

In Between The Spaces
Pirates of the Carribean. R.
"And so, she spends her time with Sparrow, and knows that her husband keeps a watchful eye on her. He is, at least, forgiving of this fault of hers, this fascination with pirates and chaos that lingers even now, even as her belly swells and the responsibilities that will come when the girl is born."

Notes: Yeah, so, some of you may recognise this from the 2005 3 Ships Christmas Secret Santa fanfiction exchange. I didn't sign up for 3 Ships, [ profile] saeva did. She asked if I could write something on her behalf because she was busy with the eight billion other things she'd signed up for and didn't have her fic in shape and really didn't want to default on it. Obviously, I agreed and that is why it is credited to her over at the 3 Ships archive.

The request I filled was for a Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann/James Norrington threesome about 'The similarities and differences between the two men.' It went AU because it was the only way my brain could make that threesome work.

In Between The Spaces. )
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2006-02-03 10:21 pm
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House chatfic

Okay, so, I was trying to figure out when the next new House would show. I ended up finding a summary for it, which made me go OMGWTF.

"While the staff tries to diagnose a woman suffering from uncontrollable muscle flailing and crashes her car, House and Stacy try to resolve their relationship issues once and for all. Cameron refuses to get the results of her HIV test."

So, uh, that's how this happened. )
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2006-01-27 05:54 pm
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[fic] M*A*S*H: Now all is over

Written for [ profile] nestra's Back to Your Roots Challenge. I picked M*A*S*H because, while I was in other fandoms before M*A*S*H, it was the first fandom I ever wrote significantly for. Here is my prompt:

"Crazy skies all wild above me, now
Winter howling at my face
And everything I held so dear
Disappeared without a trace.
Oh, all the times I've tasted love
Never knew quite what I had."

Now all is over
M*A*S*H. PG-13.
"Eat a gun, eat a bullet, have it bounce around the brain, death comes quick and assuredly."

Now all is over. )
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2006-01-02 01:59 am
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[fic] Narnia: Aftermath

The Chronicles of Narnia. G.
"Well, I suppose any person, even a very strong one, might suffer a breakdown when struck with such a blow."

Aftermath. )