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Tobias sits on Ax's shoulder in hawk form. He preens his feathers neatly, and turns to preen Ax's fur. It should look downright silly, but it is anything but. It's sweet, but not saccharinely so... just. You can see the care and concern.

I don't know what's going on with those two anymore. Ax is Tobias's uncle, sort of. But they don't act like family, siblings or cousins even. If anything, they act.. well. Like Tobias and Rachel used to.

I guess I should be weirded out by that. I'm not, really. Maybe because those two have both always been pretty weird. I mean, Ax is great, but he's an alien, an Andalite. And Tobias was weird as a human, and then he wasn't even human anymore. He's something else, something even more alien than Ax.

I wonder if they even realise what's going on. Not something you'd probably talk about with your friends, you know, hey, Jake, buddy, I'm falling in love with my dad's brother! so, how're things with Cass?

And it is kinda fucked up, but I guess I figure, those two have been through so much, if they're happy, then they deserve it. They deserve the chance to be left alone and just be happy. I wish I could tell them that, but it'd probably come out wrong and make things worse so I won't say anything unless I have to.

Tobias is done grooming Ax's fur around his ear and walks down his arm, perching on his forearm. Ax tosses him into the air, the way a falconer would, and Tobias flaps hard and fast, flying north, and Ax gallops after him.
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